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26 years old, living in Kuching, MY.

I post what I like and I like what I post.

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Permalink Jalan-jalan sekitar Georgetown. Memorable mini vacation with the family. No planned activities. Just went with the flow.
Permalink Counting the days. 😉
Permalink Missing my fiancé. Can’t wait to see him next weekend.
Permalink Gotta love this team. :D
"He had a difficult period last season where people became a little bit impatient with him. He lost confidence and sometimes, if you give the players a little rest, it can rebuild their confidence. They can think about their game and come back stronger and that’s what happened to him." - Arsene Wenger
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Elie Saab Spring 2014 PFW

Ooohhh… Love the colour!
Permalink Le Prof Arséne on #AFCvNAP.
Permalink Yea ok. Hoho
Permalink Before instagram. ;D
Permalink Early dinner.  (at Colugos Bistro & Grill)